It’s Time (#thehouseonsunset)

I’m weeks away from sharing more of my nightmare than ever before.

I ran a cover art contest on 99Designs, even asking my Facebook followers to join in and cast votes on which design they wanted to see on The House On Sunset. I LOVED the passion from people who have followed me from the start and my newest followers.  I started a marketing campaign with A Freaking Great Company last week. We’re working on a few things, including a book trailer. And we set a release date. Yep.

What does this mean for you?

Be on the lookout for a September 8th release. The official hold-it-in-your-hands-and-read-it date. But, before you set a phone alarm for then, know we’ll be doing pre-order perks sometime late next month.

Keep track of all the shenanigans in three easy steps:

1. Subscribe to the blog (in right sidebar you’ll see a link). Look ———–>

2. Like my Facebook fan page. It’s launch headquarters. Updates via picture and video will be there FIRST.

3. Search for – and use – the hash tag (#thehouseonsunset).

I’m putting myself out there even more, hoping I’ll reach further than I have, so we can  reach as  many survivors as possible. It’s time our voices come together and we take a stand. There is life after abuse. It’s time we start telling  the women who need to hear it most.


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