Day 3 – Forgiving Myself

If you’re just starting at this post, I’ve recently decided to do a blog challenge called “30 Days of Truth”. I’m posting every day (on an already determined topic). The only catch is, I have to tell the truth.

Day 3 – Something I Must Forgive Myself For

First – I really want to forgive myself for being a total freak who really wants to edit the day 3 topic so it doesn’t end in a preposition.

Second – For not posting my day 3 post yesterday.

Unfortunately, I had to attend one of the most heart-wrenching funerals of my life. A friend, who was everything any human being could wish to be, died tragically last Saturday. Because of this, I’m going to forgive myself for falling off the 30 Days of Truth wagon.

We spent last night at one of KM’s favorite hole-in-the-wall bars, just like he would’ve wanted it.

I drank Irish Car Bombs and whisky shots last night…I taught today…and, by the end of the day, my room smelled like a bar at closing time (i.e. Body odor from smelly boys, booze from me, cheap perfume from my girls). Let’s just put it this way, today would have been a great day to call into work.

For all of my friends who are suffering from this loss, please know that I can and will do anything to help you grieve and/or pick up the pieces. And, to the two of you heading to Mexico, dive…and then dive again. He would have wanted it that way.

I’ve forgiven myself for not posting. Bigger fish to fry.



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