Me (left) and Scarlet (right).

Me (left) and Scarlet (right).

Just as things were heating up between Joey and I, my trip to Florida provided a much need respite from the summer heat of St. Louis. It was 112 degrees on my way to the airport. When I landed in Florida, 88 degrees felt like jacket weather.

Here are the highlights:

  1. A reunion with Scarlet after not seeing her for almost a year. Yay!
  2. Attending said friend’s 10 year reunion, claiming I invented Post-Its.
  3. Sangria errry day. A variety of kinds.
  4. A killer spray tan that made beach time easier to handle.
  5. Sushi, oysters, and more seafood.
  6. Fireworks on the beach.
  7. Megan and Ellen. Although we didn’t stay together, we got to spend some time together outside of home.
  8. All of this documented via text message and sent to Joey, who wasn’t annoyed by my happiness and encouraged me to relax on the time away.
  9. I gushed about him to everyone who would listen, probably a little too much.

Lucky for me, I’d get to see him the day I flew back into town, at least for a little bit. Long story short, he offered to be my chauffeur to the airport and keep my car at his house when I received an unexpected and terrifying text claiming Mike was randomly spending time in the city. Having just moved, I didn’t want to leave my car unattended (the original plan) with the sociopath lurking in my neck of the woods. Joey kept my car in his driveway while I enjoyed time with the girls.

He’d be picking me up from the airport so even though I was bummed to leave behind the beach and my best friend, going home didn’t seem so terrible.

***The school year started last Thursday, please be on the lookout for my *weekly* post on Mondays (7a.m. CST).***

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