When There Aren’t Words to Say…

Terrible, tragic losses. Excruciating pain. Nightmares in the daytime and tears when it’s dark. Nobody wakes up from this, because it’s real. There are people in my life that are suffering. And their battles and their scars are not those that get easier in a day or week or month.

Magic. We need it. The kind that is just an inexplicable as the events that have unfolded. That’s just what we need. If there was ever a time when I wanted to believe that everything happened for a reason, that there was a higher being doing things on His own time, this would be it. Yet, I’d still be angry and cursing His existence. Even if he gave us a rainbow.

It’s not my place to share this story, because it’s not my own. I’m living and feeling some pretty heavy things, but there aren’t words to say just how little I can do to help the ones I love the most. I honestly never knew life could hurt this much. 

It’s still foggy, yet in the fleeting moments of clarity  I hear my screams toward the sky.

Take it back. Take it back. Take it back.


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