Dear Fina,

Take it easy on yourself, okay? Yes, you’re about to begin an incredible journey. Be proud of that. It wasn’t a mistake that they chose you over the other applicants. You can’t feel as though you’ve stolen something from someone else. You DO deserve your room.

Tuesday will be a breeze. Kids love you because you love them. When it comes time to discuss the “American Dream” in class, explain that you’re living your dream. Tell them that in your lifetime you couldn’t ever expect to find more happiness than you do when you’re surrounded by them. Tell them that your heart aches because it wants to give more. Could there be anything better than that?

So somebody might have a better lesson than you. Maybe they don’t misuse commas as much as you do either. The bottom line? All of the knowledge in the world doesn’t make them better. It’s not about perfection. It’s about living. And dreaming. And feeling nausiated two days before school starts because you want to make a difference. Teaching a great lesson isn’t good enough if you don’t use your heart. You have this in the bag.

If this wasn’t your calling you wouldn’t have fought to come back. Right?

If you weren’t good enough there wouldn’t have been a second interview. Okay?

Use your heart as a compass. Let it guide you through the tough days. Allow it to silence the voices of doubt that have shown up although uninvited.

Be who you are meant to be. You’re already her, you know. You just have to trust yourself.




7 thoughts on “Compass

  1. You will be great, and, possibly more importantly, once you get over the butterflies and settle in, you’ll have fun. This is what you are good at, what you enjoy, what you care about, and you’ll be fine.


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