In case you’re keeping track…I can, officially, scratch one thing off my list.

Here they are:

1 – Make a cheesecake. Any cheesecake.

2 – Play tag football.

3 – Listen to an entire screamo album.

4 – Go to a movie by myself. (This may be my last week, as I really struggle with the idea of being seen in public at a place where most people are either in couples or groups.)

5 – Wax my own eyebrows.

6 – Go a full day without using a profanity.

7 – Plant flowers for someone.

8 – Write a song.

9 – Teach Huckleberry a silly dog trick.

10 – Run a 5k.

11 – Learn to braid my own hair (my whole head, not half).

12 – Shoot a shotgun.

13 – Buy a baby shower gift for a little girl! (Ellen is kindly providing me this opportunity.)

14 – Buy myself a dress for no other reason than to have it.

15 – Rock a bikini for an entire outing, without getting sunburned.

16 – Purchase a camera.

17 – Throw a dinner party.

18 – Search for and find the perfect wine.

19 – Watch Casablanca.

20 – Write a manuscript.

It’s just the beginning, but I like it enough to keep on keepin’ on. I talked to Jennifer Brown this week. She wrote the book “Hate List” and I read it because it’s on the list of Gateway Award Nominees. Last year, the book “The Hunger Games” won the award. If you have never heard of either of these, go find them both. Now.

My school requires students to read one book off of the Gateway List every summer. Then, they complete a project to turn in the first week of school. It’s our way of encouraging summer reading. While I’m not completely convinced that it works from June – August, a lot of the kids start reading the books on the list as soon as they make it to the library shelves. I guess I can’t be mad at them for planning ahead.

Anyway, Mrs. Brown was extremely nice. She mentioned, after I emailed her about her book and explained that I write a blog, that she came to my little place on the web. She complimented my writing. I was kicking ass with #6 on my list, until the moment that she told me I should write a manuscript. I said fuck after that. I’ve cursed twice in this post. I’m obviously not attempting to scratch that one off my list today.


If you’re a person who celebrates Easter, good for you.  My family and I will be indulging on varieties of chocolate, carbohydrates, and meat.

If you’re not, that’s totally okay with me. See, I’m not quite sure that I buy into the whole resurrection thing. Well, I’m not quite sure I buy into any of it, really.

My aunt and I had an interesting conversation on Saturday afternoon. It involved the fact that the truth presents itself in many ways. And, quite frankly, it’s so hard to imagine that there is only one truth. One answer. To me, it doesn’t seem fair that a world can be so complex, so beautiful, so tragic, and yet we can only give credit to one source.

I know, I know…some of you are upset by this. And that’s fine. But it’s just another reason why Christianity seems so hypocritical to me. I love everyone. I treat everyone well. It doesn’t matter to me if they believe that Jesus is the son of God or that the moon is actually made out of cheese. I’ll listen to your beliefs, I’ll ponder, and I’ll make my own decisions. I’m not saying that I don’t believe in God. I’m just saying that He and I have some things to work out. But most Christians will judge and criticize someone for mentioning these things. Funny, I thought the religion was about loving others.

While this all might seem a bit inappropriate for the day that Jesus was supposed to have risen from the grave, I’d like to make my point now (without risking any further anger from readers):

No matter what your beliefs, no matter what you know to be the truth, and no matter how awful you think I am for posting this on Easter: take some time to love someone today. Give. Appreciate. Don’t judge. Appreciate. Give. Don’t Judge.

Oh, and to all of my fellow St. Louis dwellers, I’m glad you’re safe. This will also pass. If you’re without power or, even worse, without a home, please let me know. I’d be happy to help you in any way that I can.

Much Love,



9 thoughts on “Coexist

  1. Regarding #4: I’ve tried the going to movies alone thing. I find I can’t justify the expense for it. I go to movies to share them with people I enjoy being around. If I’m going to watch something alone, it may as well be on my TV. Even better if it’s something I’m getting as part of my cable package.

    And as far as the second half of the post: Yes! Indeed!

    I was raised Catholic and parted ways with the Church for two reasons: 1) I found their inability and unwillingness to address questions I had in a sensible way quite the turn off and 2) the hypocrisy among those who considered themselves “Good Christians” but didn’t at all live by any of the good rules (except on Sunday in front of everyone else) disgusted me.

    Personally, I’ve known plenty of people from every religious (and non-religious) background who are better Christians than a lot of Christians I’ve met.

    So, yeah, regardless of what anyone believes, I think Bill & Ted summed it up pretty darn well: Be excellent to one another. 😉

  2. From a philosophical perspective — and I’m not a Christian, so bear with me here. I’m not trying to start a flame war on your blog! — I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the concept of resurrection. After all, it’s springtime: the time of rebirth and renewal. The Christian version of the concept is a little gory and depressing, yes, but maybe the abject horror of the death is what makes the resurrection so glorious.

    You yourself are experiencing a bit of a rebirth, aren’t you? I would equate your experience perhaps more to that of the phoenix than Christ, but it’s still rebirth.

    I say all this as a way of agreeing with you: truth has many different shapes and forms, and different people see the same truth from different angles. So, Happy Easter, Passover, Spring Equinox, Earth Day, whatever. Get out there and eat some chocolate.

    • You’re right. I am, on so many levels, experiencing a rebirth. This fact hit home more this weekend than it has in quite some time. I’m sure I’ll post about it later, but tonight I’m letting it simmer in my heart.

      The Phoenix? Perhaps. If so, I’d like to think that I’m still mortal. It’s what keeps me honest. 😉

      Love you.

  3. “I love everyone. I treat everyone well.”

    That’s what people should do. I’m an atheist and I try to do that, too. I don’t need the carrot/stick thing of heaven or hell. Just be good to other people.


  4. By the way, Xander makes an excellent goat cheese cheesecake (it’s really, really good) and said he’d be happy to send you a recipe. If you’d like it, he’s at xander at yozh dot org.

  5. Don’t worry so much about seeing a movie solo. I’ve done it; saved me money on popcorn. Course, I was stuck next to two old people during “Titanic” (old enough they were probably there). Be wary of ye olde gas bags. I wish I made this shit up.

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