Gorg and Totes and Rando Abbrevs.

I wasn’t going to write tonight. I’m lazy today. The third quarter blues have taken over my psyche and I’m ready for a Xanax and vodka martini. Seriously.

In other news, my mind has been hit with outbursts of quirky and totally random thoughts. I’m fixin’ to share those with y’all now.

1) Is it really worth it to get your eyebrows waxed if it’s going to make your skin break out like a 15 year old?

2) Someone stole the antenna off of my Satillac. Seriously. Who does that? While I’m still driving this beat-ass whip, I now have no music. Because of this, I’ve been carrying my iPod in the car. If you have good music recommendations, send them my way. I need to update my collection and have lots of room left for new recommendations.

3) David had a birthday party on Friday night. I decided I really like his new girlfriend. She’s a keeper. And she’s funny. After downing three martinis in a matter of an hour, I was pretty damn relaxed. I told a friend of mine that his apartment reeked “40 Year Old Virgin” and then secretly (in my drunken state) wanted him to kiss me. I know my mind is fucked. I seriously doubt insulting someone’s digs (although it was me being snarky and he knew it) is the way to get them to make out with me. Lesson learned.

4) I am 99% certain that in two weeks I’ll be driving around small-town, MO in a new ride. As long as everything goes according to plan, I’ll have a new car with a new radio and an iPod jack shortly. That makes me happy.

5) I’ve decided that I’m flying solo until this summer. Reason 1? I’m becoming boy crazy which has led me into the arms of two men who have broken my heart and one that nearly broke my spirit. Reason 2? I’m going to be fierce by then. I feel it. I feel the strong, witty, smart, confident girl asking me to let her out to play. I’m waiting for her to surface completely. Problem? My ‘supplement’ just kicked the bucket. I need to make a trip to the adult store. I’m not going to make it to June sans boyfriend without new equipment.

6) I’ve been listening to certain songs on repeat all week. Funny that the week that I can’t get away from music is the week someone ganks my antenna. Oh, the coincidences in life. The rest of this post is going to be music. My week in music. Enjoy it.  There will also be one more message at the end. Don’t go anywhere…

I’ve been screaming this one all week. It’s stuck in my head. Good thing it’s not some stupid, awful song like “Tubthumping.” Remember that? Yuck.

I’m totally embarrassed to admit to the next one. I can give you about three decent excuses (most including the fact that I work with high school children) for listening/liking it, but I’m not going to do that. Sorry I indulge in less-than-gorgeous music sometimes. That’s just me.

And, finally, one that helps me remember who I want to be. One that takes me to the days before Ike. It keeps me motivated. I love that about music.

That’s it for the night. I know, I know. This post isn’t exactly what I’ve been writing lately. Sorry.

Don’t forget to swing back by before Friday. We are gearing up for week 4 of the IndieInk Writing Challenge and I have a feeling I’ll blow the roof off whatever prompt I’m given.


13 thoughts on “Gorg and Totes and Rando Abbrevs.

  1. would it make you feel any better to know that I had to wax my lip and chin, yo and broke out like a teenage boy?

    it was pretty awesome. fuck it, I am getting laser hair removal

    • Flutter,

      That does NOT make me feel any better. My mother tells me that I’m going to have to start plucking and/or waxing the lip/chin region at some point. Apparently it’s genetic. I’m going to assume that my face would do the same thing that yours did if I’m violently ripping hair out of it. Fuck.

      All I know is that I’d rather use Nair or pluck that shit if it’s going to cause crazy acne.

      And here I was thinking that some women are just naturally beautiful and don’t have to ‘work’ at anything (cough, cough…you). Oy vey.

  2. Random works. I understand having music on repeat in your head – lately I’ve had “I want to see you bellydance” by the Red Elvises. Very strange theme music.

    Flying solo sounds good. I hope you get a satisfactory supplement! 😛

    • Oh lord…risking the fact that lots of my friends read this…and share what I say when I’m not looking: if I don’t get one soon, I might go back to humping random objects in the house (I keed, I keed).

      But seriously, I don’t even use it that much. I’m not really sure why the hell it died. LMAO.

    • I’m typically a sucker for acoustic guitars with boys behind them. 😉

      Okay, seriously…

      I love indie music. I love folk music. Really? I love it all. If my heart connects, it doesn’t really matter what genre the song belongs to so much as it matters that my heart felt something from it.

      Do you have a recommendation, Vic?

  3. you should check out:
    This Empty Northern Hemisphere by Gregory Alan Isakov
    Street Ballads and Murderesques by Cameron McGill
    Learning to Bend by Ben Sollee
    I Put My Treasures In My Pockets by Julie Odell
    Boys For Pele by Tori Amos

  4. Total suckage someone stole your antenna. Sometimes flying solo allows for a clear head. I’ve never done well in that area though. Look forward to the next IndieInk. (Hugs)Indigo

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