The IndieInk Challenge – Week 1

So the geniuses over at IndieInk decided it’d be fun to try to best one another via anonymous writing challenges. It’s editor versus editor, every week. It helps us become more creative. And, in case you haven’t noticed, I’ve had a severe case of writer’s-fucking-block lately. This week, my challenge is:

Do a Google image search of your favorite color. Pick the 4th image of that color and write a piece, fiction or non about that image. It can be an abstract interpretation or literal, the only restriction is that you cannot use the word you Googled anywhere in the piece. Include the image.

Christine came up with this little gem. Check out her site to see her challenge.

I could have chosen yellow. It’s my second favorite color due to various symbolic references: sun shine, warmth, friendship, happiness, etc. It also represents my 2007 VW Beetle. I lost it after Ike emptied my bank accounts. I loved that car. But it’s gone now and I have to move forward. Another positive? I look fierce in a mustard yellow dress. Trust me. But the Ike thing sort of spoiled it for me. I miss my car. I can’t get it back. I can’t get a loan to get one similar. Yellow is out.

I thought about choosing purple. My psychic said it’s my ‘master’ or ‘power’ color. I honestly can’t remember what phraseology she used. I painted the walls in my classroom purple last summer. It’s supposed to help students grow intellectually and socially. I love lavender combined with deeper, more saturated shades. My mom is a fierce interior designer and used these colors together in our entryway at our old house. I loved that room. But that’s a new(ish) phase in my life and I wanted to stick to what I’ve always known and loved.

My mom used to torture me by clothing me in only this color. I was never a pink girl. I never wore hair ribbon. Instead, my mom would spend hours braiding my long blond locks and filling my closet with tops,  shorts, and dresses of a typically-grass-related shade (like that?). It brought out flecks of emerald in my hazel eyes. I’ve always loved it, even through the torture of being a ‘this-color” girl instead of a ‘pink’ girl.

The picture (above) reminds me of the trip I took to Hawaii with David. We went to Honolulu for a week to celebrate our one year anniversary. While there, we planned to SCUBA dive three times. One the first dive I got a rad picture with a turtle 3 feet below me. He must have been tired (or used to tourists) because he didn’t move. It was the perfect photo-op.

I’d love to say that’s what I want to  talk about. My first dive as a certified diver. But that’s not what the picture reminded me of…

There we were. Hours away from our first underwater adventure, pouring fluorescent body paint on our naked bodies. A plastic sheet on the floor to prevent hotel-room damage, we slipped and slid around on our first trip as a couple. Giggles erupted. How boring had our sex become that we needed to spice it up with plastic and paint? Sparks flew. The passion between us grew. We had sex, covered in body paint, on the plastic floor cover. For hours, inhibitions and thoughts gone. Thankfully the paint was edible and body-friendly.

When we finished, I turned the corner to meet the mirror outside of the bathroom door. I was brown. The color combination did not hold up well to our romp session. A whole-bellied laugh erupted as he turned the same corner with his camera. We took several pictures of our new latex-esque outfits but then, as the exhaustion from our night set in, I stepped into the shower to erase that moment from our first real night on our first real vacation.

The following morning, with Starbucks in hand, we waited anxiously for the shuttle to arrive at the hotel. After, we’d jump on a boat and dive the reefs of Hawaii, where I’d meet my first sea turtle friend.

After finishing our first dive, I used the hose on the boat to rinse myself of the salt from the ocean waters. David stood next to me laughing. As I began asking him what he found funny, his thumb grazed my nostril before showing me the source of the humor.

Paint was still stuck to my body. It was the shade I Googled.

This is the picture of me from my first SCUBA experience with a sea turtle much like the one from my Google search. It’s not as cool now that you’ve heard the other part of the story, is it?


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