53. An Announcement

My commitment to strut and stomp through 2011 has grown into a monster of sorts. Help me keep the beast fed by becoming a cheerleader and sending a big ‘ol pat on the back, would ya?

I’d like to formally announce my partnership with Indieink.org. The EIC and creator (both drop-dead gorgeous women) have asked me to sign on with them as an editor. If there has ever been a moment that was unexpected, this would be it. I’m thrilled…and dancing around my house in only undergarments…and singing “We Are the Champions.” My roommate has taken issue with my celebration but, frankly, it’s my party.

Speaking of nudity, if you’ve never made it to the site, here’s a brief description of who we are (I’m yanking it from the “About” page):

Everything looks better naked. Our site operates on the idea that words and art speak for themselves. We don’t believe in distracting extras. We keep it simple for a reason: We want to see you naked.

Who we are: a non-profit independent literary and art collective and community of writers and artists who may not have been seen otherwise, but whose work is filled with such passion and spirit, it demands to be seen.

BA, right? If you love my writing, you’ll love the other writers on the site. I promise. And the photography is nothing short of amazing. If you’re still on my site, thanks for being a die-hard. Leave me a ‘congratulations’ comment, find one of the links on this post, and get your sweet ass over to the site. It’s play time.



13 thoughts on “53. An Announcement

  1. I am SO HAPPY TO HAVE YOU!! I am forever indebted to Becky for introducing us and, again, very happy to have you on board. Looking forward to bossing you around. I KID. I’m *super* excited to work with you. I’m a new fan, but you couldn’t find someone more excited to catch up on your work. Gorgeous.

    • Life and announcements aren’t fun without a little nudity, sir. Thank you very much. I’m thrilled about the opportunity.



      p.s. You and I should probably chat more.

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