51. On a Snow Day

There’s something about cotton v-neck t-shirts that turns me on. Simplicity and versatility, I guess. I like to think of myself the same way. My motives are always clear, but my approach always changing.

It’s like driving different routes to work every day, even though the destination is always the same.

Sometimes I get scared because routine is so easy. Those are the days I take a detour on the way to school.

Speaking of driving, my rose isn’t holding her form anymore. I left my car unsheltered tonight, in hopes that the frost will suffocate my windshield again. I like to recreate moments that have brought me happiness. I’ll use the same sweater to create the circles. Maybe I’ll reverse the direction.

I’m wearing a black v-neck tonight. It feels good against my skin. I could wear it with any pair of my pants and still look appropriate.

When I hear the song “Ice Cream” by Sarah McLaughlin, I want to have sex that encompasses food. “Sex and Candy” makes me think of Jolly Ranchers. Red ones. I heard both songs on the radio this afternoon. I’m sure I’ll have erotic dreams tonight.

I was recently introduced to a guy that told me that ‘bro-code’ started when you first meet another guy. Allegiance to the ‘bro-code’ is, in his opinion, stronger than telling a girl (whom you’ve known for several years and consider a friend) that the dude she’s seeing is a total fuck.  I decided I felt sorry for anyone who abides by rules that don’t allow them to feel.

I haven’t spoken to that man since that day. His spelling ability was atrocious anyway.

I don’t wear underwear to work anymore. One student nearly poked my eye out with his erection when I accidentally showed a panty line, so I avoid the panty-line boner by not wearing any underwear. There is some irony in this.

Mindy Smith’s voice is fantastic.

I have a reputation with everyone, but I don’t want one with you. If you didn’t read post 50, you don’t have a clue who I’m talking about.


7 thoughts on “51. On a Snow Day

  1. I took all that in; and have several comments. First? why didnt I find this before?

    Second…Dont you think the studential (yes; I create words. Bite me; I spell them right. ;)) erections might increase 100-fold if somehow the knowledge were leaked that you no longer were wearing panties? And FYI (though I’m sure you dont need to be told) I was a pubescent boy at one time. It doesnt take much to raise the proverbial flagpole. A scent in the air; the briefest glimpse of panty line hinting at ACTUAL panties covering REAL LIVE NUDE WOMAN? My head (take your pick as to which one) might actually explode.

    Third..I honestly believe that no where outside the douchebag filled realm of jersey shore and ed hardy is there a such thing as “bro-code”. If my friend is dating someone I think is a fucktard; I’ll tell her. I’ll do it making sure to tell her that its MY opinion; not hers; but my opinions are something everyone needs to hear. Hence why I’m commenting on your blog.

    Yes; opinions are like assholes…everyone has one; many stink.

    I’m interested. Time for me to get to reading previous posts.

    • Welcome to the party, Daemon. If you want the full experience, you have to start at post 1. There is a link in the top right corner.

      Of course, if you just want the dirty details, you’ll have to go digging.

      Yes, the irony is that the erection-creating panty line is NOTHING compared to the commando teacher. Yet, they have no idea. It works. And that’s why I love thoughts like this.

      I love your thoughts. Keep ’em coming.



  2. i happen to wear cotton v-neck t-shirts. #justsayin

    (but you already know my name. :-/ LOL)

    in any case…just leavin’ my stamp here to say i continue to love your words…


    • JTW – Your name is kryptonite. It’s a shame, too…because I think you’re totally hot. And the v-neck t-shirt thing? You just got extra bonus ‘hot’ points.

      Love you.

  3. i have a larger chest so i pretty much only wear v-necks. it’s more flattering that way. usually this comes across as sexy even when i don’t want it to be. even if i’m wearing a cami underneath it showing little to no cleavage. one time an uptight old woman filed a complaint against me at work. my boss rolled her eyes.

    I used to do student conduct at a university and i found many male students rarely looked me in the eyes as I was lecturing them on their inappropriate behavior. even if the topic was them taking a crap on a public restroom floor, they couldn’t be swayed. i would stop, clear my throat and there eyes would meet mine again. temporarily, of course.

    my point is, I agree with you: v-necks are indeed sexy, and students of any age will get boners.

    • You and I are like peas and carrots…except that my pods are the exact opposite of yours. Tiny boobs…but I love ’em.

      Boys will be boys, no matter the age or location.



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