42. Cold Equations

Life isn’t algebraic.

Why is it that safety nets are made of cold equations?

Hard work + dedication = success.

While theory is nice, it isn’t real life. Yes, if you continuously work hard, you should reach success. Is this always true? No.

If he calls + if he asks you out = he’s into you.

Not always.

It seems like we’ve concocted simple strategies for outcomes that should be complicated. Broken roads need repair…and then they need maintenance…and then, eventually, they fall apart again.

Why is the thought of a path so comforting for most?

It’s terrifying for me. The thought that if you follow some already developed, strategic plan, you’ll get whatever you want.

I want to live without cold equations. Cold, heartless, no-reason-to-try formulas make everything safe. What fun is that? Earning your existence seems obsolete.

I want to feel. Give me heart-break over apathy. Give me an upset, some excitement, some reason to wake up and try again.

I want a life without limits.

Wake me up tomorrow and tell me that everything I’ve done until that point is painfully wrong. Then let me live, without having to follow rules, and I’ll still find my way.

It’s more fun like that.


8 thoughts on “42. Cold Equations

  1. Love this post….life can never be reduced to easy equations, simple numbers. quick theories…..
    and I hated math in school
    the only equation that matters at least way I see it
    Freedom + Passion + joy + love = happiness (in life)
    each one means different things to different people
    got to feel free to pursue your own path…free of those who look for simple answers to complex questions
    best path in the long run…

    or as Robert Frost so poignantly wrote:

    “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference.”

    No one has said it better before or since….

    George Pappas

  2. U put words to all the confusion in my head. Beautiful words which combated my confliction…You made me realise I don’t want the limits of a path already drawn out. Why should I be confined in such a way? I want to make my own way 🙂 xxx

    • Never confine yourself. Living inside of a box is boring, lady. And you’re anything but boring. Making your own path is so much more fun and I’m loving every second of it. I hope you do too!

      Much love,

      Fina xoxoxo

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