Day 18 – No Day But Today…

Day 18 – My Thoughts on Gay Marriage…

I’m all about equality, people. Nobody deserves to be tortured more than anyone else. Straight people shouldn’t be the only ones who have to suffer this horrible ritual. If gay people want to be as miserable as straight people, I say we let ’em sign on the dotted line.

In a world where it’s so difficult to find TRUE, unbelievably-worth-it love, it seems awfully prehistoric that we sabotage something fabulous because ‘their’ love is foreign to ‘us’.

Have you seen RENT? The play is, clearly, better than the movie. However, this little gem should make you smile. No day but today, lovers.


To all of my conservative friends:

I voted Republican last election. We need an economic makeover. However, socially? We need a lot of liberal love. Use your heart over your traditional head sometimes. It feels good.


2 thoughts on “Day 18 – No Day But Today…

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  2. I’m completely with you on this.

    Like, eye to eye, tail to tail, yes and yes.

    Marriage is an archaic concept in the first place. And in the second place, I support the separation of church & state– and marriage appears to violate that opinion. Also, when a relationship ends, it should be over. None of this drawing out and paying lots of money business.

    That being said, if the “state” feels it should be involved, why does it “regulate” any of it on moral terms? Like… if a man and wife agree to take on a 2nd wife, why shouldn’t they be able to? It’s all just revenue, anyway, from the “state” perspective. Same thing for same sex marriages.

    Also, I tend to be Republican on everything but the social issues. Oh, and I love taxes when I see where they’re used wisely. Those social issues are enough to make me vote Dem, though.

    PS I love Rent.

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