Stand on my doorstep. I can’t promise I’ll answer.

I want to see your footprints as you vanish into the night.
Step hard enough to leave a trail, but soft enough so that details are convoluted.
I’ll hunt you down when I’m ready and I’ll figure you out when it’s time.
This might be a game, baby, but defeat isn’t an option.

If you seek to enter, I only require that your heart be free.

And then, when you walk through the doorway with me, let the sides of your lips rise to a comfortable position. Give me that smile. Melt my heart.

Stand strong next to me. Weaknesses only secure an early exit for you (the door is over there).
I don’t have time to fix your mistakes. Comfort in your skin creates strength in our entanglement.

I’m ready to be yours, if you’re ready to be a man.

I’ll give you my world in an instant. Just prove to me you’re worth it.


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