How It’ll Work…

For those of you that have been unable to hit up the blog for a few days, let me catch you up…

1) I took a 3ish day break from the 30 Days of Truth experiment. I will get back to it, I just needed to refuel.

2) Tonight marks the first installment where I’ll have a guest writer coming into the mix. David has agreed to share his perspective on me, my love life/struggles, and our adventure together.

That’s right, the next post tonight will NOT be written by me. As a matter of fact, I’m giving him complete control.

We’re setting up an account so that he can post without my approval. I’m not editing, I’m not suggesting (much), and I’m certainly not writing…it’s all David, boys and girls.

I’m hoping he’ll charm your pants off, but in the case that he doesn’t, don’t worry. I’ve only given him the go-ahead for four entries…he can’t really muck it up THAT much 😉


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