Day 13 Can Kick Rocks

Day 13 – Write a letter to a band or artist that has gotten you through some tough ass days.

Well, consider this modified.

Moving through the ordinary motions of a Sunday, I struggled to find one artist for whom to write a letter. And, to be honest, I felt it might be a little ridiculous to do so.

Music is such a huge part of my life. One artist didn’t get me through anything…nor did one genre of music.

I went about my day, allowing lightning storms to play out in my head. How would I make this entry honest, if I didn’t feel it represented my life?

…and then true inspiration lit up my world.

I received this email tonight. From a new, dear friend whom I met on Twitter. Her letter to me is far better than any letter I could write to a band and it touched my soul more than any song could.

After all, this letter is from a person who reciprocates the connection. How fucking cool is that?

Jessica told me she was going to email me. I thought, for a moment, she was going to share her story. When anyone emails me, I immediately adore the way our stories intertwine. Whether great writers or not, it’s still so nice to reach outside of the Internet and into someone’s heart. I pulled off the road to read this tonight. And then I read this…


As I mentioned in my comment on your blog, I spent the better part of my day reading all about your world.  From the beginning. Wow, I must say I was taken aback for many reasons.  Primarily because you totally touched my heart and soul with your stories.  You are eloquent in your speak and your write. Easy to read and a joy to follow. I felt like I was reading a book… totally hooked.  It was hard-hitting at the end to sit and realize that all those characters are your life.  It was real, mind-boggling and it weighed heavy.

We are extremely similar that it felt sort of eerie. Our stories are on two opposite ends of the spectrum, but I could tell on many counts that we are cut from the same piece of glittery string.  Our hearts help us flourish, and help us fail the same, we have the same sense of humor, and same mushy love for mushy songs/video’s, and our love for words…. and so much more.

I wanted to reach out and love you through your blog.  For that your blog is successful and will always be, through your straightforward and real honesty. You are a beautiful piece of magic and I don’t know you nearly well enough, but I love you. I felt like you were my long lost soul sister.  Weird I know.  Really this is all just a testimony of your talent in writing, honesty, and being a wonderful human being. So thank you for letting me (and everyone else) into your world.  It takes a lot of courage and I am impressed by you.  Love & deep respect for you, Soul Sister Sarafina.

Much Love,


With tears streaming down my face, I sat in awe of the eloquence of the three paragraphs written to me. It was written because of my story.

I immediately knew what I needed to do tonight. I needed to share. See, although Jessica and I could have walked down the same streets and never known, we have bonded over our gift of putting to life the words that we speak.

This is half the reason I wanted to teach…to spread this love with the power that only one’s passionate heart can provide. And now, this same passion that I hope to share with my students has been shared with me.


You’ve sparked in my heart what was already there but sometimes overlooked and under-appreciated. Thank you for lighting that fire. It’s where my honesty lives, where my soul harbors the desires I speak of, and where my vulnerabilities become my strengths. Not only will I continue to tell MY truth here, I will take your love into the classroom tomorrow and share it with 175 students who deserve to be shown this same passion.

Those characters are, in fact, real people. Some of which hate that their blemishes have been shared, while others relish in the fact that their story can be seen too. I love each of them for molding me into me. Real, raw, and sometimes a little too risqué, I can’t hold any of that back. It wouldn’t be fair to my life or to them.

Thank you for allowing me to share this. Albeit a bit selfish, I couldn’t imagine this entry being genuine without you.


I asked Jessica if I could share…and then she told me about a poem (she’s a damn-good, wicked talented poet) that she was inspired to write because of my story.  She’s giving me the ‘go-ahead’ to share it. Please show her some love here:


Even your name circles around poetic tongue
Shifting from Grace Kelly to Bettie Page
With the flash of a smile and sketch of your pen
Sweet Soul Sister
You shine
You speak
We listen

Your labor of love
For all eyes to see
Laying out your wounds
Relinquishing your scars
Beating past dilapidated warehouses
Begging for you to reenter
Your strength beats the masses
As your heart rules within this cyclone
And brings it peace

Stillness in your memories
I feel it from here
Eerie and convalescent
Your world speaks to me
Your real life
Shoot down my real life spine
Amazing in your redemption
Inspired by your journey

You can’t help but love her
To feel with her
To know her


I adore you
Sweet Soul Sister

While I spend some nights throwing rocks at ghosts of my past, tonight I’m rejoicing in the fact that there is a future for me waiting to be lived.

You all inspire me to own that. Thank you for being here.


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