Day 5 – The Bucket List

Day 05 –  Something you hope to do in your life.

The way I see it? I’m far too young to limit myself to one ‘hope’. After all, if life is supposed to be lived, I’d rather do it ‘big’ repeatedly than have one goal. Here is my Bucket List.

Top 25 Things I Hope to Do in my Life:

  1. Dive exotic destinations (i.e. GBR, Key West, Hawaii…again, and anywhere with sea life larger than me)
  2. Get my Master’s Degree, and then my PhD…and then start over with another Bachelor’s…and then another Master’s, and so on.
  3. Teach at the University level as a Professor.
  4. Walk the streets of Benevento, Italy with a 4th-removed cousin (local) and sample my family’s olive oil.
  5. Wear size 2 jeans at the age of 28 and beyond. (Oh yes, I want to be a milf).
  6. Locate the coveted ‘perfect’ beer.
  7. Create half of the million characters I have in my brain. Love each character for their quirks.
  8. Spend a summer abroad.
  9. Take a sake shot in Japan.
  10. Write my 3rd novel on the beaches of the North Shore.
  11. See every Broadway musical
  12. Find the ‘interior design’ gene inside of me that I know I have (My mom and Bella are ridiculous designers).
  13. Move back closer to the city…maybe even to the city.
  14. Watch the Cardinals win the World Series (while sitting in the seats) at Busch Stadium…in game seven, preferably.
  15. Sit in Hannibal, MO channeling my inner Mark Twain, and become a satirist
  16. Coach a dance team again.
  17. Coach a dance team, take ’em to Nationals in Florida, and smoke the competition.
  18. Read a book to my blond, sleepy daughter, while crickets chirp outside her window.
  19. Channel my inner Julia Child and cook the best meal I’ll ever eat.
  20. Stand barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen…while cooking that meal.
  21. Find one day every year with the perfect weather to jump in puddles. Jump until I feel like I’ll puke.
  22. Laugh so hard I cry (or pee) once every other month.
  23. Make every conversation I have shake my core.
  24. Wear sunscreen.
  25. Find a man who wants to share every adventure, every imperfection, every sad day…and then share my bucket list, so we can tackle it together.

5 thoughts on “Day 5 – The Bucket List

  1. You know, in Guadalupe Island off the west coast of Mexico, you can cage dive with great white sharks. I am going to go one day!

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