29. My Life: The Musical

I’ve always claimed that life would be far more enjoyable set to music. I’m the girl at Target singing her heart out next to an embarrassed sibling. My dear college friend Finn told me that I should move to India and rock Bollywood glam-style. Truth be told, I’ve thought about it.

One thing I haven’t shared is my overwhelming love for song lyrics (shocking, I know) and dance. So it’s a Friday night and I’m at home. My son (aka my dog) is cuddled up in my bed, the lights are off through out the entire house, and I’ve copped a squat in front of the computer. Why? I like revisiting moments/feelings to celebrate where I am now.

I’m going to, in a rare version of my blog, share those moments with you…for two reasons.

1 – Some of these songs/numbers are the reason that I began writing this blog (I promise that’s not an exaggeration).

2 – I’m gaining quite a few new followers who might not be caught up on my story. This might motivate them to get their read on.

The top three men in my blog to this point are as follows: Michael, Ike, and James. Each deserving at least one song and, fittingly, one that reminds me of each of them.

Then, after I’ve announced the top three, I’m going to do a bit of foreshadowing by providing one for David…even though the story is still untold.

So, without further ado, here they are.

For Michael:

He asked me to listen to this song, claiming it reminded him of ‘us’…of our ‘situation’. It really is perfect. Listen to the lyrics.

Ironically, what Michael didn’t know was, at the time, he gave me a song that displayed true parallelism. He loved me…his friend. I loved James…my friend. I listened to it on repeat; not for the reasons he wanted. Sigh.

For Ike:

If this doesn’t bring you to your knees, I don’t know what will. Called “Addiction”, this number is EVERYTHING that Ike stood for in my life. After that mistake-of-a-night in November (when I drove to see him), I began watching this whenever he’d call. It reminded me that I look better when I’m not being thrown around.

For James:

This guy did a number on my heart without having to put much effort into hurting me. Truth is, I fell for him without any provocations. I don’t think I’m the only girl that’s ever felt this way.

Good, right?


And now, as promised, some foreshadowing. Want to know what happens between David and I? Listen to these lyrics.

My story will commence again on Sunday. Check back soon, lovers.


4 thoughts on “29. My Life: The Musical

  1. This is my first comment, though I’ve been reading from the start. Wow… and having been a fan since the beginning this really illustrates the way that a song can put a million thoughts into a couple verses and some pictures.
    I was literally crying for most of these.

    Thank you. Again.

    Can’t wait to read more.


  2. So I watch So You Think You Can Dance all the time. I love it. That Addiction song made me cry. The first time I saw it I really think my heart fell into my stomach. And before I even scrolled down I thought of that piece. We are on the same wave length.

    I also love music/dance. I love to sing. So we have that in common as well.

    You got me hooked to this blog lady!

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