26. Little White Dress

Before making it official, David and I discussed his fears of getting involved in a serious relationship.

David had previously been engaged to his first (and only) serious girlfriend. They met at church, vowed to remain virginal until marriage, and became engaged at an early age. Regardless, David loved this girl with all of his heart so, obviously, when his fiancée left him for another man, he was heartbroken.

So much so that he decided he’d fill the void she’d left with other women…including losing his virginity. David hadn’t been in a monogamous relationship since Grace, and he hadn’t intended to be in one with me either. The idea of being with one girl was scary, however, he knew what I wanted…and his libido had desires of its own.

We’d already had sex once and although we were headed down the ‘relationship’ path, we still hadn’t changed our Facebook relationship status. Being ready to seal the deal, I pulled every assault weapon in my arsenal.


David and I were gearing up for a night out for a friend’s birthday. It was a warm, humid August day and I was only two weeks away from my first day as a ‘real’ teacher. I wanted to celebrate my last couple of weeks of freedom (summer) by dancing and drinking away every evening possible. After all, teaching 12th graders was just around the corner and I barely looked legal (let alone ‘teacher’ old). To mentally prepare, I was ready to get all of the partying out of my system that I could. I needed to prepare for adulthood and, in my immature mind, being a drunk was the way to do it.

David was waiting for me to arrive; I was grooming and preparing for what the night might bring. He’d have to wait a little longer…Would he ask to be my boyfriend? In a hippie-esque, form-fitting white dress, I looked damn good and (lucky for David) I chose to go bra-less. The twins are well-behaved (even to this day), so there was really no need for restrictive undergarments. To sex it up a notch, I decided to go without any restrictive undergarments. It was just me and my little white nothing-virginal-about-it dress. I like a good breeze every so often…

David was waiting for me when I arrived. His hair was meticulously crafted and his slim waist was accentuated by a thin leather belt, thus making David look hot; he was dressed to the nines. I caught his cool blue eyes gracefully grazing my body as I met him in his bedroom.

David: “You look hot.”

Me: “Thanks.”

I was standing a few feet in front of him, but he slowly (yet eagerly) began closing the gap between us. Placing his hands on my waist first, David began investigating my body (over my clothes, pervs) when a sudden look of curiosity stole his eyes from mine.

His hand, slowly lowering a few inches to touch naked skin, slipped past my dress and began ascending again.

David: “I knew you weren’t wearing anything else.”

Me (smirking): “Maybe we should be fashionably late.”

We were late. It was worth it.

Oh yeah, we became official. I’ll always remember this night as the night my David and I began dating…and…as the first time I rolled commando.


4 thoughts on “26. Little White Dress

  1. Lol look at u being bad!! I don’t think I’ve ever gone commando…but if a boyfriend comes into the picture I may just have to try it lol lol

  2. Oh my…got me all hot and bother at work 😉 I went commando one time, wore a very tight skirt to work and didn’t want underwear lines. Huge mistake, fell down the stairs, legs open and all. Good thing the people were behind me and not at the bottom so see me in my full glory!

    • I call those “Britney” moments. And, to be honest, wearing a tight(ish) white dress made it almost impossible to wear anything underneath. Nobody else saw the goods, but I think David sure appreciated my bravery.

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