25. David (Part I)

David and I met online (a common theme for 3ish years of my life). His quirky profile picture portrayed a man who was comfortable in his own skin and, at the time I met him, I needed to be involved with someone who wouldn’t apologize for who they were.

As my history shows, I spent quite a lot of time writing him before I ever met David. He starting winning my heart with his extraordinary lexicon and his open mind. Having just graduated from the university and landed my first teaching job, I felt the only thing left for me to worry about was a man to share my joy with.

After a few intense emails, David and I exchanged phone numbers. For weeks we text each other and flirted relentlessly. When a guy massages my brain first, his chances of me massaging his ‘anything(s)’ increase greatly. He sparked an interest, so I continued flirting and, eventually, butterflies developed in the abdominal region.

One night, while I was sitting at home (with a healing face mask smeared on my grill), David asked me to meet him (for the first time) at a bar by his house. Obviously, the green goo solidifying on my face put me in no condition to meet anyone and I was not emotionally ready to meet him, so I politely declined (but continued our conversation). Coincidentally, our conversations further clarified his location…I knew the bar.

It was a local hot-spot for graduates of my high school. David, upon further interrogation, told me that he knew of the bar from high school friends. And, even further into our conversation, I learned something unexpected. Although David and I had never met, we had actually attended the same high school and we shared mutual friends/acquaintances. My regretful r.s.v.p. set up the next several days better than I’d hoped. My plan? To get the dirt on David (from said mutual friends/acquaintances) previous to meeting him.

I’ve been known to wear blinders after finding someone to crush on. Sure, they might seem great, but men only stay that way forever if you never take off your blinders. That can be said of all people really, and it’s dangerous. Think about it. I might seem initially responsible and fun, but once you’ve seen me with a shot of tequila in my system, well, you have a better idea of the whole picture. I decided to look for his ‘tequila’ moments. This time, I wasn’t going to allow myself to blindly jump into a dating situation without getting the whole picture.

All signs pointed to ‘go ahead and try’ so, I did. David and I first met when I invited him over to my house to watch a movie. My friend Marissa and I were getting ready to have a girl’s night. Because Marissa was there, I figured it was harmless to invite over a newbie. He couldn’t be creepy in the presence of a girlfriend and, if he was, at least there was someone else there to share in the pain.

Fortunately for me, he wasn’t creepy. David stayed until the end of the movie but left shortly thereafter. Marissa agreed that there was something mysterious about the guy and saw no reason for me not to go out with him again. The next day he picked me up after work and we went to dinner, had drinks with several of his friends, and sat on a porch swing talking about life. We were already comfortable together. Our connection was obvious. We kissed. He was confident. I was turned the heck on.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the start of our year-and-a-half long relationship.


Let me explain.

The turning point in my dating life (where this blog started) began with a relationship that’s remained mostly untouched to this point. Before Ike and before Jamaica there was another man in my life. I’ve mentioned him briefly as the ‘cheating bastard’ or the ‘on-and-off again beau’. But now let me reintroduce to you the man behind my insult-filled names and snarky comments.



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