22. Jinxes

I’m smack dab in the middle of revealing some pretty sexy stories from the last year of my life and, as coincidence goes, James and Michael are back to randomly sending text messages that tug on the ol’ heart strings. I guess I’m unconsciously sending vibes their way and, in return, they’re consciously attempting to communicate.

Perhaps this blog is serving as a fabulous way to jinx myself.

Regardless, I’ve decided to push forward. I’ll continue my story tomorrow after investigating my mind/heart tonight and determining where I need to head (up in this piece).

Have I ever mentioned how tricky writing can be?

One of my dearest friends told me (at a bridal shower Saturday) that Michael was a boring story. I wanted to tell her to kick rocks but it was, unfortunately, her bridal shower. I couldn’t bring myself to that shallow of a state where I was insulting the guest of honor. She does read my posts, so I’m sure this serves as enough of a blow. Love you, Rizz.

As luck and time would have it, school starts again on Wednesday. With that said, I’ve fully committed to writing one post every week and would like to strive for two posts every week. Please EXPECT one post every Sunday night. Beyond that, think of additional posts as icing on the cake.

Things are going to start getting sexual again real fast. It seems like the older I get the more my libido wants to be youthful. Damn you hormones…I’d hate to think I’m turning into a skeez.


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