16. Touch Down (Day #2)

Memories from the previous night were flashing through my brain as I nobly fought waking from a fantastic sleep. But, alas, I succumbed to my body’s wishes.

Before falling asleep the night before, James mentioned that he wanted to recreate our sweet moves in the morning. Can you think of a better way to start the day? Me either.

Unfortunately, my sinuses (that were so polite the night before) were raging out of control. It’s really hard to feel sexy when your nose is a faucet. Annoyed, I climbed over James’ sleeping body and went to my suitcase to grab some medicine. I also grabbed my toothbrush. Morning breath is not cute.

James must have woken up when I tried to sneak out because he was awake when I walked back into his room. He stopped me mid-climb and I hovered over his body waiting to see if he was going to make his move (without even attempting to put a Tic-Tac in his mouth). He didn’t. Phew.

James: “Are you feeling okay, Fina?”

I wanted this weekend to be perfect, so I told him I was feeling alright. The last time we talked on the phone before I flew up to see him, I mentioned that I was getting sick. He knew I wasn’t feeling the best, but I wasn’t going to ruin our weekend together.

Me: “I’m hanging in there.”

James: “Are you sure? You sounded like a lumberjack last night.”

Me: “Fantastic.”

James: “Ha. It’s not the first time I’ve heard you snore. I’ll be right back.”

James lifted my body over his and exited the room. I heard the faucet in the bathroom running. No more morning breath.

He came back and I wrapped my body around his. It was cold and I was lying next to a drafty window. The warmth of his body allowed me to enjoy the moment and relax.  With my head on his chest, he read from his Kindle and I, only able to breathe through my mouth, started feeling the effects of the Benadryl and went back to bed.


When I woke up James was in the living room watching SportsCenter. He’s an avid NCAA football fan and it was mid-season. Previous to my flight, he’d asked me if it was alright if we spent a portion of day #2 watching his favorite team take on one of their biggest rivals. Again, when a boy is passionate about something, I totally dig it. I said that was fine.

I knew that I wasn’t feeling well when I looked at the clock and realized it was noon before I crawled out of bed. Upon walking out into the living room, James looked up from his laptop and put the tv on mute.

James: “Feeling better?”

Me: “I think I’ll be great after a shower.”

The steam in the shower helped open my sinus passages. After giving myself a few minutes to take in the relief, I threw my wet hair back into a low pony-tail and grabbed a sweater (which he told me looked like a cloak) from my luggage.

We ran to the pharmacy so I could find more relief. James insisted on buying my medicine. I, feeling a bit more emotionally drawn to him, handed him the medicine and thanked him for the gesture.

Grabbing lunch was humorous. Because his game was getting close to start time, we stopped at Taco Bell. It wasn’t fancy, but I wasn’t worried about being wined and dined. James ordered first. I laughed after he gave his order to the TB worker. He ordered, almost exactly, what I was planning to get (except he almost doubled the amount).

Jumping back in James’ car, he mentioned that he wanted to show me a little more of the city. I was still not feeling well, so we agreed to make the tour in his vehicle instead of walking the streets. Looking back I wish I would’ve felt a bit better. It was a beautiful day for a walking tour. Regardless, his eagerness to show me the city made me happy. He put some thought into our weekend together.

How cute is this?

James: “I wasn’t sure if I had any music on my iPod that you like, so I made a play list of songs from the 90s. I figured they were safe.”

Driving through the city, we took turns skipping our least favorite songs and blaring our favorite old jams. The city was alive with tourists and the architecture was amazing. Our little tour was everything I needed to feel like we’d done enough sight-seeing. After all, I wanted to see him more than I cared to see anything else the city had to offer.

Once we returned, I laid on the couch falling in and out of consciousness.

Game time came and went. His beloved team won the game.

Afterward, he walked over to the couch and woke me up. We watched another movie.

James: “Everything okay, Fina? You’ve been kind of quiet today.”

Me: “Everything is fine. I wish I didn’t feel like shit, but I’m okay.”

James: “If you say so. I’ve never seen you so quiet.”

Me (clearly feeling a little better): “It’s rare, but it happens. How can I make you more comfortable with my silence?”

Stupid question. He had an idea…and it didn’t involve satisfaction for both of us. (Yes, I just went there…and yes, I obliged).


4 thoughts on “16. Touch Down (Day #2)

    • Hahaha. It’s alright, girl. I’m a natural blond and I happen to have blond moments on occasion!

      I was being intentionally tricky. Although I’m comfortable talking about my sex life, I don’t think I’ll be writing pornography any time soon 😉

      I think this provokes a bit of imagination…which is hotter than lying it all out there anyway!

  1. The more I read about James, the more I like him; now I didn’t NOT like him, just didn’t know enough. I feel like I can pretend to not know the eventuality and just enjoy the ride. Gift of a good writer.

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