12. Flash Forward #1

My mother read my blog today.

Thankfully, she only read to entry #7 which, in terms of embarrassing content, doesn’t have anything that she didn’t already know about.

However, I’m on a quest to clean my closet (as I said in entry #1) so I’m not going to hold back. I told her she should probably stop reading, if she was bothered by it. I know she won’t.

The phone call was the worst part. Her acknowledging that she read about my sex life and my abusive past was enough to make me blush. I’m not ashamed of what I’ve done or where I’m headed…but do you really want to talk to your Catholic (no, I’m not Catholic…she is) mother about the fact that you told an ex you wanted him to bend you over? Probably not.

I’d like your thoughts, readers.

How would you feel if your momma came across some pretty filthy information about your sex life? Be honest. Am I being a baby?


11 thoughts on “12. Flash Forward #1

  1. I would NOT want my mother, father, or even most of my friends to read something like that. There are some details I would only share with a SO. Not that you have any reason to be ashamed, but still, there are some parts of our lives that most people just don’t feel comfortable sharing with their parents, even if they’re very close with them. Kudos for not being totally freaked out when you learned she read it.

  2. Thank you. I don’t necessarily want my mother seeing these things either. However, as an ‘adult’ (yikes) I guess my feeling is that if she doesn’t already know that I’m probably out ‘living’, she needs a dose of reality.

    I think she has known for quite a while now.


    If you’re reading this, feel free to ask questions and/or continue at your own pace. Just don’t call me about my posts anymore, mmmmkay? 😉


  3. Dang girl who cares what ur mom thinks?!? i like ur story i started late but im gonna catch up. i really wanna no what happens! ❤

  4. LMAO wow….sorry….i know that sucks!! As much as an adult as u ever feel u r, u still dont want ur Mom reading or even knowing details about ur sex life…because, I lost my virginity, is about as much as my mom knows and will ever know…lol

  5. Wow, my Mom would say…

    “Justin, If you get some girl pregnant, you live too far away for me to push her down the stairs now. You’re going to have to take responsibility and do it yourself.”

    Justin Kunst

  6. I’d be pretty embarrassed talking to my mom about my sex past given the fact I’m a guy too. I don’t even feel comfortable talking to my dad about it. Actually my dad asked me once if i’m sexually active and I lied. My mother had to beg him to talk to me about it so I felt awkward.

  7. I’d be pretty embarrassed but I’m pretty open with my mom so it wouldn’t be anything she didn’t already know.. Lol.

    I’m hooked girl. I followed you on Twitter and started from the beginning.. I can’t wait to read the rest!

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