4. Snow Storms

The train blew through town and my heart was racing.

“Where are you?”

I spilled my location (city). He spilled his. He was less than two blocks away. In fact, he was within eyesight. His office was 1.5 blocks away from my house, on the opposite side of the train tracks. Later in our relationship, I would walk out into the street and look down at his office to make sure he’d turned the light off before coming home, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

We had never met at this point. To be honest, I was apprehensive. Yes, I talked to a man who I met online for countless hours by now, but the phone was safe. However, the fact that he was so close to me made it almost impossible for us to go without meeting. He knew I was in the city, but he didn’t know exactly where. Regardless, he knew I was close enough to hear the train whistle at the same time that he heard it. I could only avoid him for so long.

So, he asked me to lunch. I said I was busy (lie). He then asked if he could come by around closing time. I said I had dinner plans (lie). Eventually, quickly, curiosity got the better of me.  I knew he was working late and asked him if he was jonesing for caffeine.  I told him that I was swinging by Starbucks on the way home from dinner (lie). One grande White Chocolate Mocha and a Peppermint Mocha later, I showed up at his office for our first meeting.

He stood at the entrance of the agency wearing a black hoodie, jeans, and tennis shoes. Ike was an ex-collegiate football player. He had sandy blond hair, gorgeous blue eyes, and towered over me by a foot. His scruffy facial hair glistened on his faintly tanned skin. He carried some weight around his stomach, but I was a sucker for his smile. Then, our eyes met.

And then…?

Three days later, there was a huge snow storm. School was canceled the next day (so I was off work), and he lived 45 minutes away from his office. He mentioned that his father told him that the roads were too bad to drive and said he’d better sleep at the office. I politely (and bat-shit crazily) asked him if he’d like to come stay with me. Less than a week after first meeting, he came to my house for the first time to spend the night.

Don’t get ahead of me. We didn’t have sex. He just stayed. I already told him that I was prude (1/2 truth) and not interested in having a physical relationship. He said he was okay with that (clearly, Mr. Fertile wasn’t trying to have 3 baby mammas). We stayed up talking all night. That, up to now, could be one of the best romantic memories I have. With snow falling outside of my small home, he laid with me, enrapturing me with his warm arms. My head on his chest, we laughed and talked until the sun came up. He decided to skip work the next day to spend time with me.

I didn’t have plans for the day…and I felt no desire to lie about it this time.


6 thoughts on “4. Snow Storms

  1. That was such an amazing experience, just for the moment I stepped into it and felt what it’s like to lay be head on a loved ones chest. To just be in the moment, what it must feel like. It’s beautiful.

    Justin Kunst

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