1. Promises

I can’t promise that you’ll love every post; I probably won’t either. In a world that is so eager to bring everyone to their knees, I think it’s safe to say that my identity will remain as anonymous as possible. I have a budding career as an educator to think about (teachers don’t have sex, sleep, or drink).

Why would you care to read beyond this post? I have a dirty little closet to clean and a perspective that is fairly unique. I’ve got a brain that most people wish they could pick a little bit more than I allow. I’ll entertain you, push you to see the gray areas, and question all motives (including my own).

It’s real, raw, and flawed. That’s life. This one happens to be mine. Welcome to it. Hang with me for awhile. I promise I’ll keep you reading.


8 thoughts on “1. Promises

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  2. You don’t have to push or prod me to your gray matter. You had me at hello. We all have a dirty little secret. One of mine is enjoying your thoughts with guilty pleasure, reading, fantasizing, & remaining anonymous. I guess I should show you more love & post. So I’m posting. As I said on twitter, friends for as long as you need me little sister.

  3. devastatingly raw. shaking, having read it. don’t understand exactly, but enough to have my own emotional flashbacks to the worst of what Ive been through. honest about the winter’s effect, yet bravely hoping for spring. so amazing, and so worth it to pour your heart out. ❤

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